Stability Test of Faloak (Sterculia commosa, Wallich) Cream and Antibacterial Activity Again Staphylococcus Aereus

  • Maria Imakulata Indrawati Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Emanuel G. A. Rahmat Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Antibacterial, Stability of Faloak Extract Cream


The faloak plant (Steculia commosa, Wallich) is a high-level plant that grows on the mainland of Timor, especially Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Faloak is a local name given by the people of NTT, especially the city of Kupang. This plant grows more in areas with natural topography with rocky soil conditions. Public knowledge about the use of faloak plants as traditional medicine is an experience of empirical evidence from previous generations as a hepatitis drug, antibacterial. Falak bark contains natural antioxidant compounds, namely flavonoids and phenolic compounds that can protect the body from free radical attacks. This study was conducted by formulating faloak bark extract in cream preparations. The purpose of this study was to determine the stability of the cream based on the characterization and antibacterial activity of Staphylococcus aureus in this study. Two cream formulas were made with vanishing cream bases. Formula I contains Faloak extract 1% and 3%. The stability testing method is carried out by storing samples on different temperatur. The cream is stored for four weeks at room temperature (15-30C), low temperature (2-80C) in the refrigerator and high temperature in the oven (400C). The antibacterial testing method used was diffusion using Amoxicillin as a positive control. cream characteristic test includes organoleptic test, homogeneity, spreadability, viscosity, washed out water, pH and type of cream carried out at 0 weeks (finished manufacture), which then stored for two and four weeks. The results showed that the 1% and 3% faloac extract cream fulfilled orgnoleptic requirements, homogeneity, spreadability, viscosity, water purification and cream type while pH did not meet the requirements. The 1% and 3% faloac extract cream did not have antibacterial power against the Staphylococcus aureus test bacteria.


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