The Effect of the Maternal Position on the Length of First Active Stage Labor

  • Ummi Kaltsum Saleh Midwifery Department Health Polthecnic Kupang
Keywords: Duration of Labor, First Active Stage, Position


Introduction Childbirth is a natural process for women that is felt like a very pleasant but painful experience. Mothers experience pain in labor, one of which is caused by discomfort and freedom in choosing a position in labor. The application of the position in labor as one of the care given to the mother is expected to help the progress of the labor process normally and naturally. This study aims to analyze the effect of the application of labor position on the length of first active stage labor. Method This research is an analytical study using cross-sectional design. The study sample was 30 multiparous mothers who came to the Sikumana Public Health Center in Kupang City as many as 30 people. Analysis of the data used unpaired t-test. Results The results of this study show that 21 people (70%) give birth to a lying position (lateral and supine) and 9 people (30%) in combination position (lateral, supine, standing and half sitting). Based on unpaired t-test is the length of labor when the first active stage in laying position is 107.38 minutes and 148.44 minutes in the combination position. Conclusion The conclusions of this study that there was no effect of labor position on the length of the first active phase labor (p = 0.401). 


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