Spray Anti Mosquito Organic Skin Extracts Keprok East Soe Nusa Tenggara Origin

  • Jefrin Sambara Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Ni Nyoman Yuliani Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Maria Hilaria Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: SoE Orange Skin, Anti-mosquito Spray, Anti-insecticide


Mosquitoes have a role in human life because they can be the main vector of a disease. One of them is Aedes aegypti which is a vector of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. Synthetic chemical insecticides are often used to avoid mosquito bites. The use of these insecticides can cause vectors to become resistant and have a negative impact on the environment. Orange Keprok SoE is one type of essential oil plant that can be used as an insecticide. Given the benefits of controlling insect populations, SoE tangerine peels have good prospects to be developed as an insecticide raw material. This study aims to obtain a mosquito repellent formula with SoE tangerine peel active ingredients in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and explore the potential of SoE tangerine peel as an active ingredient in making plant-based insecticides for dangerous chemical insecticides. The experimental design in the manufacture of this formula is a Completely Randomized Design. Factors that are used as treatment are types of solvents, namely using methanol and hexane solvents. The formula with each solvent applied different concentrations of active ingredients with three test levels, namely 5%, 10%, and 15%. The results are 3 kinds of formulas, namely: M5 (methanol solvent, 5% concentration of SoE tangerine peel), M10 (methanol solvent, 10% SoE tangerine peel concentration), M15 (methanol solvent, 15% SoE tangerine skin concentration). The best results are given in the 15% formula compared to the 5% and 10% formulas.


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