Study of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Primary Schools in Kota Kupang

  • Ragu Theodolfi Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: School, Hygiene, Sanitation


Background: School sanitation access has not been a priority, such as providing learning facilities for primary school students; data sanitation conditions mention that 70% toilets for students are less good category, while the condition of toilets for teachers are very good (25%) and good (75%) category. Data for hand washing with soap (CTPS) facilities shows 85% is not good, 30% of clean water facilities do not meet health requirements, waste management and drainage channels are still in the poor category. This can be caused other than because there are still 40% of elementary schools whose education in hygiene and sanitation is not good, it can also be caused because 90% of elementary schools do not have sufficient funds for maintenance and hygiene and sanitation activities. Aim: This study aims to determine the description of water supply, sanitation and hygiene in elementary schools in Kupang City. Method: The research method used was a survey with a cross sectional study design. The samples taken were 20 elementary schools and 100 students who made respondents to measure the level of knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to sanitation and hygiene in schools. Results: There are 28% of students who have good knowledge about efforts to prevent diarrhea; 89% of students have good hygiene and healthy behavior; 42% of students use sanitation facilities in schools. The school does not provide drinking water that can be used by students; 80% of students bring drinking water from home. Student access to clean water facilities is obtained from piping (46%) and water tanks (36%); only 60% of clean water facilities function. Conclusion: It was suggested that schools could facilitate students to get hygiene status. and good school sanitation by providing sanitation facilities that meet the requirements, increasing the role of teachers in monitoring school hygiene and sanitation activities and allocating funding for sanitation activities in schools.


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