Anti Fatique Activity Of Pure Honey And Honey Mixed In Mice

  • Stefany Sustiyaty Amaral Fernandez Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Mixed honey, Palm sugar, Pure honey, WFST


Indonesia is rich in biodiversity originating from forests, one of which is honey. Honey is a natural product derived from insects, and has therapeutic, nutritional, cosmetic and traditional values. Honey activity also depends on geographical distribution and differences in food sources. The people of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) use honey to heal wounds and burns, cough, lower blood pressure, overcome fatigue and as an encouragement but in reality honey sold by the community is not only pure honey but some are honey mixed with palm sugar from trees lontar / siwalan. This study aims to see the anti-fatigue effect using the Forced Swimming Test method using 4 groups of test animals that were given pure honey, honey mixed with palm sugar, pure palm sugar and controls that only received aquadest. Animals are given a load of 3% of body weight at the base of the tail and then inserted into a glass cylinder filled with water. Swimming resistance was measured from the time the mice began to swim until the mice sank, marked by mice below the surface of the water for 2 seconds without breathing. The results showed significant differences (p <0.05) pure honey group between pretest and posttest based on the Paired T test, so it can be concluded that from all the test groups, only pure honey had an anti-fatigue effect.


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