Community sustainable behaviour change after declaration Open Defecation Free (ODF)

The study in the context of rural communities in Kupang, NTT Province Indonesia

  • Karolus Ngambut Environmental Health Department, Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Yermias Kapa Kado Environmental Health Department, Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Total Community Based Sanitation (STBM), Open Defecation Free (ODF), Sanitation, Slippage


A total of 892 million people in the world still practice the behavior of open defecation. The strategic steps taken are the STBM program (Community Based Total Sanitation). With the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach. The challenge in implementing the program is on the sustainability of changes in community behavior after the declaration. This research is survey research that aims to figure out the behavior of the community after the declaration of Open Defecation Free (ODF). The sample size in this study were 326 households. 148 household and 178 households in each village. The sampling method is multistage random sampling. Data collection is done by using a standard instrument and by observation and interview method. The latrine ownership data consists of data prior to triggering, data 6 months after triggering and data after six months after the ODF declaration. The data from the measurement process is analyzed descriptively. The STBM intervention model found with CLTS approach which is still oriented towards the achievement of sanitation access, has not been oriented towards the expected behavior change. In addition, 16% of the community behavior returned to as before the STBM program/slippage. The reasons are lack of support from the other community member, lack of infrastructure such as water supply. From the supply side the quality of intervention toward the CLTS process in the community. A comprehensive strategy that is oriented towards changing the behavior of individuals, groups, and communities in accordance with the context of local communities is needed. The approach is an ecological model approach, which involves the other stakeholder and regular monitoring after the declaration needs to be done to ensure sustainable behavioral changes in the community.


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