Mental Disorder Patient Survey In The District Of Waingapu, 2017 East Sumba District

  • Uly Agustine Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Mental Disorders, Demographics, Nursing Diagnosis


Introduction: The problem of mental disorders throughout the world has become a very serious problem. WHO states that there are at least 1 in 4 people in the world experiencing mental problems, it is estimated that there are around 450 million people in the world who experience mental health problems. The purpose of identifying patients with mental disorders based on: Demographics include: age, sex, education and occupation and Nursing Diagnosis include: violent behavior, social isolation, low self-esteem, hallucinations and self-care deficits in the District of Waingapu City, East Sumba Regency. Method:  This type of research uses descriptive. The sampling technique is total sampling. Results: The results of the study found that from 30 respondents the distribution of male sex suffered the most mental disorders as many as 16 people (53.3%), the distribution of the age most suffered mental disorders with the age of 26-35 as many as 11 people (36.7% ), distribution. Education with the most mental illness with 14 elementary school education (46.7%) and the most distribution of work suffering from mental disorders by not working as many as 28 people (93.3%) and based on the most nursing diagnoses experiencing hallucinations mental disorders 12 people (40%), Violence Behavior as many as 12 people (40%). Suggestion: With the presence of mental patients, it is expected that sufferers will be more concerned in terms of treatment and health service agencies implement mental programs, especially in the East Sumba district government. 


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