Antioxidant Activity and Quality Test of Faloak syrup (Sterculia quardifida R.Br.)

  • Priska Ernestina Tenda Penfui
Keywords: Faloak Syrup, Antioxidants, DPPH Method


Background: Faloak is commonly used by the people of Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara to treat several diseases including hepatitis, hypertension, increasing stamina and recovery after childbirth. Scientifically known faloak bark contains alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids and phenols. People usually use faloak by boiling faloak bark until they are brick red and then consumed. Preparation of faloak bark can be prepared in other dosage forms such as instant and syrup. It aims to overcome the scarcity of raw materials for faloak tree bark, practical in use and not easily damaged in storage. Preparation of faloak in instant dosage form has been done but faloak syrup has not been made.  Objective: To determine the antioxidant activity of syrup faloak based on IC50 values and quality tests based on organoleptic assessment and water content. Method:  Sample was taken from faloak bark and than extracted by masetation modification method using hot water without boiling directly. Faloac extract then added sugar to make faloak syrup with concentration 25%, 75% and 100%. Faloak syrup was then carried out by organoleptic test, water content and continued with qualitative identification of the compounds of active substances contained in the faloak syrup and then tested against DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) as free radicals and measured at a wavelength of 517.4 nm using UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Result: 75% of the organoleptic syrup test results chose very much towards the color of the syrup, as many as 60% of the panelists chose to be very like of the syrup smell but 50% of the panelists chose not to like the faloak syrup flavor. Water content test results obtained 5.16% meet the Indonesian National Standard 01-4320-1996 which is <20%. The  faloak syrup  had  antioxidant activity very weak with concentration 25%, 75% and 100%  have  IC50 respectively: 1370 ppm  ± 34,39; 1281,33 ppm ± SD 49,49 and 1042 ppm ± SD 42,93. Conclusion: Faloak syrup is necessary by adding ginger to increase antioxidant activity and has a taste that consumers like. 


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