Health Behavior’s Supporting Factors Of People With Hypertension

  • Yosephina Elizabeth Sumartini Gunawan Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Sofia Rhosma Dewi Public Health Faculty – Muhammadiyah University in Jember
Keywords: Supporting Factor, Health Behavior, Hypertension, Health Service Availability, Health Service Accesability


Introduction: epidemiological transition has brought changes to the pattern of diseases in Indonesia. Hypertension becomes one of the non-communicable diseases with high prevalence and known as a silent killer. Supporting factors are factors that enable or facilitate a behavior or an action, which materialized in the physical environment. In 2016, the prevalence of hypertension in East Sumba are high and Puskesmas, where this research has taken place, are the second highest prevalence in East Sumba. Subject and method: It’s correlational research with a cross-sectional approach and this research are conduct to find the dominant supporting factor of health behavior among people with hypertension. This research is conducted in June – October 2017 by using the questionnaire as the instrument. The populations are 122 people with essential hypertension. There were 45 respondents taken by simple random sampling. The data analyzed using double linear regression test. Result:  Service availability is the dominant supporting factor to form health behavior among people with essential hypertension with p-value 0.000. The behavior has a high correlational relationship the level of in determining health service utilization. Conclusion: From these two factors that have been identified through this research, health service availability become the dominant factors that contribute to the health behavior among people with essential hypertension.


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