Effect of Age on Pre-Eclampsia Degrees in the Maternity Room of Prof. RSUD DR. WZ Johannes Kupang

  • Astin Nur Hanifah Midwifery Department Health Polthecnic Kupang
Keywords: Pre-eclampsia, Age


Background: Pre-eclampsia is not yet known with certainty. Some predisposing factors include undernourished and anemic, obesity, primigravida, age over 35 years, diabetes mellitus, chronic hypertension, hydatidiform mole, multiple pregnancies and immunological and genetic factors. In pregnant women aged <20 years and> 35 years the incidence is more than three times experienced pre-eclampsia. In 2014 maternity with preeclampsia and eclampsia were 55 people with varying ages of less than 20 years, 3 people, 20 to 35 years, 35 people, more than 35 years, 17 people. Healthy Reproductive Age for pregnant and childbearing mothers aged 20-35 years. But in reality 35 people (64%) healthy reproductive age mothers experienced mild and severe preeclampsia (Medical Record of Prof. Dr. WZ Johannes Kupang Hospital). Objective: To determine the effect of age on pre-occupational degrees. Methods: This study used analytical research methods withdesign observational. This study was intended to determine the effect of age on pre-eclampsia degrees in the Maternity Room of the RSUD Prof. DR. W. Z Johannes Kupang 2015. Results: Most of the respondents experienced severe pre-eclampsia, which experienced severe preeclampsia, most of them were elderly and those who were all elderly. Respondents who experienced mild preeclampsia mostly occurred at the age of healthy reproduction. 


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