The Food Factor Toward The Occurence Of Gastritis In Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

  • Maria Salestina Sekunda Nursing Department
  • Anatolia Karmelita Doondori Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Yustina Pacifica Maria Paschalia Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Gastritis, The food factor, Case control, Indonesia


Background: Gastritis is one of the illnesses suffered by almost everyone and is considered as an ordinary thing for granted, but it was the beginning of gastritis a disease which can be troublesome even can cause death. Purpose. This study identified the eating patterns against the Gastritis occurrences. Methods: A case control study with 67 cases and 134 control subjects was conducted in the District Rewarangga South Ende in 2017. The data of the eating patterns includes sour and spicy food. The data were analyzed by multivariate logistic regression. Results: The result of this research is that cases and controls have been comparable in terms of sex (p = 0,224), age (p = 0,360), education (p = 0,001) and occupation (p = 0,430). The results known that a risk factor of gastritis incidence of spicy foods (OR 4,240, p = 0,007), habit of consumsing acidic food (OR 3,360; p = 0,017). Conclusion: It can be concluded that the risk factors of gastritis in the Sub-district of Rewarangga, Ende Indonesia were the habits of usually eat the acid food and spicy food. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage promotion, such as education about gastritis and healthy as well as preventive measures such as improvement of the habits and not habits comsumption the acid food and spicy food.


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