The cultural perspective of the Boti village community about Pregnancy, South Timor Tengah District

  • Mareta Bakale Bakoil Health Polytechnic of Kupang
  • Ika Yudianti Health Polytechnic of Malang
  • Veki E Tuhana Nusa Cendana University
Keywords: Pregnancy, Perspective, Culture


Background: Maternal and child health problems cannot be separated from the situation, conditions of the community and surrounding culture. Maternal Mortality Rate reflects the risks faced by mothers during pregnancy and birth which are influenced by one factor, namely culture. South Central Timor District has a high maternal mortality rate compared to other Districts. The direct cause of maternal mortality is bleeding by 60.0%, while indirect causes include economic, social and cultural factors. Boti is a traditional village with various cultures including culture during pregnancy care. Objective: To analyze the cultural perspective of the community of Boti Village about Pregnancy, in South Central Timor District. Method: This type of research is a qualitative exploration with a phenomenological approach. This research was conducted in Boti Village. The main informants were pregnant women and supporting informants were husbands, midwives and traditional leaders. Data collection by interview using interview guidelines. Analysis with content analysis. Results: A mother who does not experience menstruation can be identified with the initial signs of a mother having a fever, and vomiting. It can be ascertained that pregnant women and their traditional rituals are considered good, namely that the family supports and prays so that the pregnancy can run smoothly. Abstinence during pregnancy include not wearing a necklace or cloth in the neck because later the umbilical cord is wrapped around, you should not sit in a mortar because later you will defecate during childbirth, maybe not eating bananas in large quantities because later big kids and giving birth is difficult, you do not walk at night because later you meet Satan, and if you walk at night you have to hold a knife or stick your nails in your hair, you can't eat the heart of a banana because children born later are dirty, you canot eat pineapple because will drain energy and have a miscarriage. Sex during pregnancy should not be done because it will cause children with disabilities/malnutrition and stupid, and husbands do not love their children and they have a perception that God is decisive (life and death of a baby) but humans must work (trying their best). Conclusion: Health care for pregnant women based on the cultural perspective of the people of Boti Village still holds a hereditary culture, but modern pregnancy care has also been carried out such as utilizing health facilities and midwives. 


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