Analysis Of Risk Factors Affecting The Level Of Pesticidity Poisoning In Farmers In Kelurahan Tarus Kupang District

  • Debora G. Suluh Environmental Health Department, Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Level of poisoning, Pesticides, Farmers


Background: Pesticides are a mixture of chemicals, or other bioactive substances and basically pesticides are toxic, the main purpose of the use of pesticides by farmers is to kill pests that will later give the impact on increasing agricultural yields. The use of pesticides in excessive amounts and doses will actually have a detrimental impact on the health of farmers and consumers. the impact can be both acute and chronic. Purpose: To analyze the relationship between risk factors for exposure to pesticides and the level of acute poisoning of pesticides in farmers in Kupang District of Tarus, a type ofstudy observational with approach cross-sectional study. Methods: The study sample was 50 farmers, research variables included: number of pesticides, practice of mixing pesticides, how to use, frequency of exposure, completeness of PPE, behavior after spraying and the level of acute poisoning of pesticides. The research data is then processed, presented in tables and graphs and analyzed by univariate, bivariate withtest statistics. Chi-square. Results: The results of the analysis show that there are 2 variables that are significant to the mild and moderate acute cone level of farmers, namely the number of pesticides;  with a value  = 0.002; PR = 0.058; 95% CI= 0.007 - 0.5 and the method for using pesticides with a value  = 0.019; PR = 5,333; 95% CI : 1,209 - 23,536; the variable of mixing practice and spray-out behavior wasnot significant for the incidence of mild, moderate, or severe poisoning, but directly showed symptoms of mild or moderate poisoning in farmers; variable frequency of exposure and completeness of PPE showed a relationship to symptoms of mild and moderate poisoning but were not further analyzed for significant incidence of poisoning levels because the data was constant. Conclusions:  It is recommended to farmers to always pay attention to safety factors in applying pesticides by always using PPE, both when spraying and mixing pesticides and wherever possible reducing the number of pesticides used both in terms of type and number.


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