What Does Woman Thought About Postpartum Period ?

  • Dewa Ayu Putu Mariana Kencanawati Department of Midwifery, Health Polytechnic of Kupang
Keywords: Childbirth, Postpartum, Woman


Background: An estimated 60 percent of maternal deaths due to pregnancy occur after delivery and 50 percent of these postpartum deaths occur within the first 24 hours. NTT Province is one of the provinces that has the lowest coverage in the third position from 37 provinces in Indonesia, which is 74.08 percent while the national target is 89 percent. This shows that there is still 30 percent of the people who still carry out traditional treatments during pregnancy and childbirth. Aims:  This study aims to identify mothers' perceptions about the postpartum period in the work area of ​​Sikumana Community Health Center in 2018. Methods: This research is a qualitative study with a focus group method. The population in this study was all families who in the study period had mothers who were in the puerperium period. The sample was determined by total sampling. Results: The results of the study based on the results of the FGD of all mothers stated that the postpartum period was an important period for a woman and needed special attention. Conclusion: The conclusion of the mother's view of the postpartum period is an important period. Besides this period of childbirth is only experienced by women, so it is the nature of women in their role as mothers to get pregnant, give birth and care for their children.


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